Monday, April 21, 2014

Week 34: Ready To Meet Our Girl!

We are officially entering our 34th week! I am getting more and more anxious to meet this girl with every day that passes!
These past two weekends have been a whirlwind of baby prep fun! My sweet family blessed my socks off with a beautiful shower last weekend. I was overwhelmed with the generosity and love we received from family and friends. A very special day, indeed!
Babies, babies everywhere!
Love this season of best friends having babies around the same time. I cannot wait to watch all of these little loves grow up just a few months apart!

The shower was amazing and I cannot be more thankful for the amazing love, encouragement, and blessings that we have received for our little girl. She is already so spoiled!

Normal life has consisted of 3 elliptical sessions a week, lots of food, lots of nesting, and work work work. 
I am so thankful that I still have the energy to work out. I definitely feel my energy weaning now that I am as big as a house, but I've been getting in 45 minutes-1 hour 3 times a week, which is good enough for me!
My mom recently moved back to Texas from Colorado, so I am loving our numerous lunch/shopping/baby prep trips together lately! So glad to have her back!

My sweet mom also blessed me with baby's first Baylor items this weekend! She will easily be the cutest little bear I have ever seen :)

The rest of the weekend consisted of a lot of this... baby laundry and laying on the couch with the pups.

Soooo, washing baby clothes gives me anxiety. Everything is so tiny! Especially the socks. I think my dogs have consumed 3 baby socks each so far.

Getting bigger and bigger by the day! Major changes these past few weeks have been my energy decreasing and my appetite increasing! I am also feeling her hiccups much lower than I have in past, so I am hoping that it's a sign of her moving down. 6 more weeks! So very thankful!!!
Happy Monday!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pink Pastries & Pinterest

Soooo, I have sort of fallen off the Green Smoothie April wagon these past two days.
I had an early doctors appointment yesterday and after hitting snooze too many times, I flew out of bed and rushed out the door to make it there on time. Of course once I got there, I waited for 45 minutes for my doctor to arrive (oh, doctors) and was STARVING since I didn't have time to grab anything for breakfast.
After receiving some "not bad but not great" news at my appointment, I left in dire need of some comfort in the form of either food or a hug or both.
Well, the workers at Starbucks weren't authorized to give me a hug, but they did treat me to this DELICIOUS blueberry muffin and decaf latte (after paying up, of course).
Starbucks has recently redone their entire pastry line and it is impressive! I am especially in love with the new pink coffee collars and packaging to promote it. I am a sucker for cute packaging, so all this pink immediately drew me in.
Starbucks. They know how to get ya.
Seriously, their new Blueberry Yogurt Muffin with Honey is TROUBLE. Especially warmed up with a dollop of butter. Help.
I had great intentions of jumping back on the smoothie train after falling off yesterday, so I repeated Tuesday's mix this morning, but unfortunately my plastic straw was cracked and it sliced open my tongue and the roof of my mouth after my first sip! Again, I was starving but did not want to chance slicing up my mouth again on the straw that was trying to kill me, soooooo I went to Starbucks again...for the exact same breakfast that I had yesterday.
Like I said...TROUBLE.
Put a delicious blueberry muffin in a pink sack and watch my self control fly out the window.
OK, let's switch gears and talk Pinterest.
Pinterest can be overwhelming at times, so I thought I would list 10 of my all-time favorite food blogs that I follow!
Above is the cutest cake ever from the Sprinkle Bakes page! If you are wanting to impress your friends with an amazing birthday or celebration cake, go here!
The Smitten Kitchen page is great for easy to challenging treats and meals. Love.

I hop on PaleOMG's page when I'm feeling like I need to do something good for my body. Everything she makes is really delicious, too!
I am obsessed with the Averie Cooks page. You will not be disappointed.
I love Two Peas & Their Pod when I'm looking for an easy weeknight meal that is bound to be delicious!
The Cookies & Cups page is my go-to for unique cupcake and cookie recipes!
I have been visiting the Picky Palate page for years now and I am always impressed. Great ideas for all types of meals!
I have a total girl crush on Joy The Baker, so of course I follow her page :)
The My Baking Addiction page is great when you are in need of some baking inspiration! Always amazing.
And my last go-to is the Annie's Eats page! She has everything from desserts to birthday cakes to everyday meals. A great resource!
Happy Thursday! Hope it's a good one!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


 Yesterday marked the first of two showers that will happen for our growing gal!
Two very sweet and generous coworkers of mine put together an incredible shower for us yesterday. I was blown away! I mean...look at this sweets table.
They know the way to my prego (and non-prego) heart.
Homemade "K" cookies, rice krispies, white chocolate dipped Oreos, candy, chocolate dipped strawberries, strawberry shortcake, a TOWER of mini powdered sugar donuts....
And THIS cake from my all time favorite bakery!
Coral and aqua juice to match her nursery colors!
Overwhelmed with my coworker's generosity. Seriously, so blessed.
My eats!
Homegirl was doing karate the entire time I was opening gifts due to this glorious plate of sugar.
Confession: Sometimes when I miss her I eat a candy bar so I can feel her wiggle.
Overall, the shower was a huge success and I could not be more thankful for the amazing women that I work with. Truly blessed to the core.
Green Smoothie April is still going strong!
This morning's mix: 1 small ripe banana, 2 cups spinach leaves, 5 ice cubes, 3/4 cup coconut milk, 3/4 cup almond milk, 1 Tbsp crunchy peanut butter, 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, and 1/2 cup frozen blackberries. Blended until smooth and frothy!
I am in love with the purple color the blueberries and blackberries are giving my smoothies this week. Even if this tasted like dirt, I would probably still make it just because it visually makes me happy. Thank goodness it is delicious!
Now if I could just stop thinking about ChickFila Chicken Biscuits for breakfast... :)
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Birth Plan

Girlfriend is going to come exactly how she wants to, so creating an agenda for her always seemed silly to me. I mean, who am I to say how my birth is going to go? But then after researching and hearing other mom's birth stories, Brent and I decided that we absolutely needed to be prepared with our wishes and guidelines when that day comes.
To educate ourselves more on the topic of childbirth and to learn more about our options, we attended a weekend-long "Preparing for Childbirth" class this past Saturday and Sunday. We were both a little skeptical at first, but by Sunday afternoon, we were both SO happy and grateful that we attended.

Yes, that is my man above. My fearless childbirth class participant. I was so impressed and feel 10000% more confident to have him as my teammate when we bring our girl into this world together, not that I didn't have confidence in him before. His participation this past weekend blessed my socks off :)
The class covered everything from stages of labor, dilation, when to come to the hospital, relaxation techniques, intervention, skin to skin, breastfeeding, etc. and was surprisingly a huge advocate for natural childbirth.
I feel like hospitals have a reputation of pushing drugs and intervention just to speed up the childbirth process, so it was GREAT to hear that our hospital's number one priority is obviously baby first, but then baby coming as naturally as possible.
Brent and I both want to have this baby naturally but in the hospital setting, so all things ideal, we hope to forgo the epidural and any drugs/methods to induce. BUT LIKE I SAID, girlfriend is going to come exactly how she wants to come, so as long as she is healthy and not in distress, this is our plan. Am I going to walk into the hospital with a t-shirt on that says "Hi, I'm delivering naturally today!"??
Hell no.
But that is the ideal situation and I feel confident that Brent and I can do it together!
After a weekend of eating out since we were in birthing classes all weekend, I was ready to get back on the Green Smoothie train this morning! Into the Ninja went 1 small ripe banana, 1 cup frozen blueberries, 2 cups spinach leaves, 3/4 cup almond milk, 3/4 cup coconut milk, 1 Tbsp peanut butter, and about 5 ice cubes. Refreshing and delicious!
How was your weekend? Any fun recipes or delicious food experiences to share?
Happy Monday!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

April Smoothie Challenge Update & 20 Delicious Avocado Recipes

Well, we are on Day 3 of my April Smoothie Challenge and still going strong!
Well...sort of.
I pass a Shipley's Donuts every morning on my way to work and it took some insane willpower to not pop in this morning for a kolache, sprinkle donut, and some chocolate milk.

I contained myself and slurped down this beautiful thing instead. Today's mix was a redo from yesterday: 1 large banana, 1 cup frozen strawberries, 3/4 cup almond milk, 3/4 cup coconut milk, 1 Tbsp organic crunchy peanut butter, 2 cups spinach leaves, and a few ice cubes.
Ok, let's switch gears and take a moment to talk about one of my all time favorite foods...avocados!
I pick up a bag of them every time I run into the store because the Mr. and I are both obsessed. I have a bag of 4 very ripe avocados right now that I really need to use, so I thought I would share a few recipe finds with you today so we can both get our avocado on.
Love this idea of combining strawberries and avocado!

I love that someone created these.

You really can't go wrong when you wrap anything in bacon, so I can't image how delicious this is.

Ultimate comfort food.


I crave avocado eggs rolls all the time but haven't ever made them at home. Must try this.

This is just beautiful and everything I love in life.

This bread is DEFINITELY happening since I just happen to have very ripe avocados AND some very tired bananas on hand right now. YUM!

I am almost as obsessed with avocados as I am with goat cheese, so this toast was pretty much made for me.

This would be great for weekday lunches!

Love this idea for an easy weekend brunch.

I am intrigued by these muffins.

Ummm, gouda AND avocado?? Yes, please.

I have a very special place in my heart, and stomach, for copious amounts of fried avocado. Love.

Since I'm on the smoothie train this month, why not?!

I love this dip! It is great as a spread for sandwiches, too!

Love this healthy take on burgers. Must make!

Bacon jam needs to make a reappearance in my this sandwich. Yum.

Love this pasta for an easy make-ahead lunch or dinner!

I have no words for these pockets of joy. I would add some shredded rotisserie chicken. Nom.

This is one of my favorite "throw together" salads. I've added canned albacore tuna to it before, too. SO good!
There you go! 20 great avocado recipes! Let's get cooking!
Happy Thursday!
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