Monday, March 2, 2015

Family Monday: Babies & Puppies, No-Bake Bars, and MAMA!

 Hello, friends! How it is Monday already? That weekend flew by!
So, I don't know about you, but I had major fears when it came to bringing my baby home to a house with dogs. We have 2 of the world's most cuddly, gentle dogs...but they're still animals and animals can be unpredictable.
Mostly the little one, Ollie.

Ollie is WAY more territorial than Nova (our golden retriever), which is funny considering he's about 1/8th his size.
We definitely had our challenges with him when Kennedy was a newborn.
For instance, he felt the need to pee on pretty much anything that smelled like her, and probably would have peed directly on her if we ever left her alone with him for 3 seconds.

Thankfully, after a few scruffed necks and a LOT of expensive, organic baby detergent, those days are behind us...and these two could not be better friends.
Nova is still all, "I'm not sure about this creature in my house...", but Ollie and Kennedy have really taken to each other, which completely melts my heart.
Kennedy moo's at him every time he comes around, which is confusing, but still pretty stinking cute.
Ok, so on to these no-bake bars. I accidentally bought a FAMILY SIZE box of Organic Toasted O's a few weeks ago thinking that they were the honey nut version. You guys...never do this. They could not be more bland. So, in the effort to not waste a perfectly good box of cereal, I whipped up this batch of no-bake cereal bars. I'll be doing a full post on them on Foodie Friday, but they are really good and super easy!
And without further adieu, we experienced our first "Mama" yesterday and my heart is officially bursting with pride.
If you have a little, you know that this is your mommy crown-jewel moment.
Is she now calling everything, including her sweet potatoes and butternut squash "Mama!"...maybe...but hey. I'll take what I can get :)
Happy Monday, sweet friends! Let's be loving and compassionate, today and everyday! 


Friday, February 27, 2015

Foodie Friday: I.NEED.THIS.THING.

 I was binge-watching Unique Sweets the other night after Kennedy went to sleep and FREAKED OUT over this...thing.
Apparently there is some genius in Manhattan who owns a glorious little shop called Holey Cream and is making not only donuts...and not only ice cream...but DONUT ICE CREAM SANDWICHES.
And if that wasn't enough, these babies are customizable. Yep. You can get your gummy bear cotton candy donut ice cream sandwich on and no one will judge you.
Well, your cardiologist will, but everyone else will be like...right on.

Did these people just wake up one day and were all like, "Oh hey donut. I'm going to make you then let people top you with any and every sugary treat imaginable."
Then those jerks were all like "You know what would make our cardiologists hate us even more? If we made an ice cream sandwich out of this already ridiculous, candy-covered DONUT."

I guys. I literally can't even speak right now, because I feel like I have finally found my people. These people get me.
But since I'm not heading off to NYC any time soon, you can find me at Shipley's...with my Blue Bell and bread knife...every day until I die.
That is all. You're welcome.
Happy Foodie Friday!


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Workout Wednesday: 5 Tips for Running Long on the Treadmill Without Losing Your Mind

Anyone who has spent any amount of time on the treadmill knows that 10 minutes can easily feel like 30. There is nothing worse than thinking that you are coming up on mile 4, only to look at your screen and see 1.8 in bright red judgmental lights.
Demoralizing, I tell you.
I recently read these tips from Runners World on how to run long on the treadmill, which got me thinking about my own tips and tricks for getting those miles in when running outdoors is a no-go.

MUSIC. Put together a rockstar playlist or download Pandora (the real one, not the free one with commercials). I always use Pandora because the stations are endless and I rarely have to skip songs. It's $3.99/month and WELL worth it.
AUDIOBOOKS/PODCASTS. If you're not into jamming out for hours, download podcasts or audiobooks. You'll be surprised how fast the time goes by when you are listening to your favorite book on tape or speaker.
TV IT UP. This is your time to binge-watch your favorite tv series or that movie that you've been dying to see. Lace up those shoes, turn it on, zone out, and run!
GET LOST IN YOUR THOUGHTS. This is a great opportunity to get lost in your thoughts, goals, and prayers. I often go without music and dive in, just me and my thoughts. I go through my list of people who are on my heart, praying for each person individually, texting them letting them know that I am thinking and praying for them (yes, I text while I run) or just thinking about life and achieving different goals. I can't tell you how many times I have imagined myself running across the finish line at the Boston Marathon over and over and over again. Or sometimes I just think about cheeseburgers...the entire time :)
CHANGE UP THE PACE. I do this almost every time I run on the treadmill, whether it is a long or short run, just because it keeps my muscles and mind engaged and helps me become a faster runner. It is HARD for me to work on my speed when running outside, so I always take this opportunity to push my limits. Usually every mile or so, I will turn my speed up a few notches. Once I get to a point that I feel like I can't go any faster and still maintain form, I start to turn the speed back down a few notches every mile. You'd be surprised how quickly the time goes by when you change it up!

 So there you have it! I hope these help you stay active, especially since half of the nation is covered in snow right now. Yikes!
Happy Wednesday, beautiful people! You are loved!


Monday, February 23, 2015

Family Monday: The Cookie Monster & Being Courageous

Hello, friends! 

I don't know about you, but I could use a pick me up. Not sure if it was due to a busy weekend, a snoozer of an Oscars last night (not my favorite...), or the fact that it is 35 degrees and raining outside today...but we be strugs.

Kennedy is having her bi-monthy "I hate everything" day, which is very exciting for the heap of toys that go untouched on days like this.

And then she finds the dog's revolting tennis ball and lights up. 

It's a losing battle.

She does love her a sink bath though, so I WAS able to get in a few wet kisses this morning :)

Crazy how the hardest day with her is still a million times better than any other day before her. Like...doesn't even compare.

So thankful for the opportunity to mother this little roly poly.

So can we just talk about the fact that I am OUT OF CONTROL with the cookies, lately?!

I don't know if it's because the smell of Thin Mints is in the air or what, but I cannot get enough cookies in my life.

Thankfully I now have a treadmill to counteract my unrestrained cookie consumption, but it's getting to be embarrassing.

Like yesterday, for example, while having a treat with a friend. We stopped by Pondicheri and while my friend was placing her sweet order of one double chocolate chip cookie, I decided to pipe up in my louder than normal voice, completely interrupt her, and say "CAN I HAVE ONE OF EACH PLEASE?!?!"

What the what?

Like I said, uncontrollable. Gotta reign it in.

Ok, so this is random, but something that has been on my heart lately is being courageous and realizing that most people (including me) think that the definition of being courageous is going out and doing something daring or extreme.

But what if being still and content in where God has you in life is the most courageous thing you can do?

I majorly struggle with thinking that being courageous = moving to Alaska, running an ultra marathon, going on a juice cleanse (...but really), but I feel like being a light in a dark place (whether that's in your town that you want to move out of, at your job that you want to quit, or at your school that you want to transfer out of) can be the most courageous thing we can do.

There ABSOLUTELY are times when the Lord comes to us and very clearly says "I need your courage to be enough to get up, leave everything, and move to _____", but sometimes He very clearly comes to us and says "I need your courage to be enough to be still, be content, and be joyful in where I have you".

Just speaking my heart today, friends. Probably a little random, but I thought I would just put it out there.

Let's be courageous together, wherever that may be! 

You are loved, precious people!


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Foodie Friday: And The Oscar Goes To...

I love the Oscars, which is surprising considering I can't remember the last time I went to the movies...or just sat long enough to watch a entire movie.
If I went to the movies right now, I would absolutely take that opportunity to nap vs actually watch the film. You don't offer 2+ baby-free hours, a dark room and cushy chairs to a sleep-deprived momma unless you want to pay $20 for naptime.
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE movies...but I think it's really the glamour of it all that gets me.
And, of course, the opportunity to make a themed dinner :)

So here is a fun list of Oscar night food ideas to keep you munching while looking at a bunch of people who don't eat.
Let's start off with these Chocolate-Dipped Potato Chips because I have no shame.

Cheesecake-Stuffed Strawberries! WHY haven't I thought of this?? Genius.

It's a Cupcaketini! I mean...stop.

There are some things that I feel I am really good at in this failing at all attempts to not eat chocolate...and doing/saying at least one thing a day that makes me wonder why the good Lord didn't give me a filter...but making cake pops is not one of them.
So much truth here.
If you are not like me, you should absolutely make those adorable tuxedo cake pops...then call me and I'll come help you eat 'em.

Oscar Award Winning Popcorn! Just so much win here.

These Strawberry Brownie Kabobs don't exactly scream Oscars, but I feel that they are worth mentioning. So yum.

Cheese & Cracker Tuxedos! Easy AND adorable.
Happy Oscars, sweet friends! You are loved!

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