Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Hello wonderful people.
Thanksgiving is a blink away. Can you believe it? I can't wait to eat all the things.
It's incredible how much we have to be thankful for. I am sitting here with a roof over my head, my belly is full from lunch (and maybe too much Halloween candy...), my daughter is napping peacefully in her bed, and my champ husband is working hard to provide us with more than we could ever need.
Thankful doesn't even scratch the surface. I.dont.deserve.them.

I am thankful for motherhood and the gift of watching my child become a feisty, independent girl who still loves her cuddles.

I am thankful for hot coffee with my sister on a perfectly chilly Austin morning.

I am thankful for good conversation with the Mr. while eating delicious food.

I am thankful for family, and the gift of doing life with people who just get you and love you, flaws and all.
I am thankful for the cross, and the constant reminder that this world is not home.
Happy Tuesday, sweet friends! We have MUCH to be thankful for.
You are loved loved loved.


Thursday, October 29, 2015

San Francisco & Nike Womens Half

I'm officially the worlds worst blogger. Either my life is just not that exciting or I'm just plain 'ole lazy. Probably a little bit of both. But I'm here now, and sharing my recent trip to San Fran for the Nike Womens Half! The hubs joined me, because he's a rockstar and my favorite.

We arrived and headed straight to packet pickup! Besides the fact that this city was INSANELY crowded due to the 25,000 extra runners in who were all hanging out within a 6 block radius, this city had my heart immediately. It's just the coolest.


After packet pickup, we finally found some grub at a little restaurant located within a swanky hotel. We didn't look like tourists AT ALL with our sweat suits and plastic Nike swag bag backpacks. Totally locals.

After devouring food (no really, we were silent for 25 minutes at least) we bebopped around town and found a lovely wall that listed out everyone who was competing.
I'll send you a dozen brownies if you can find my name.

And then just explored this amazing city. We had no idea where we were going and I loved it.
We also got a taste of the HILLS that I could look forward to the following day.

We met up with some friends that night for dinner and (too many...) drinks.
I'm not a good half marathon role model. Don't look up to me.

Before I knew it, it was 6am and I was corralled up with 25,000 other amazing men and women ready to take on 13.1!

Birds eye view. Cray.

I was not rushed at all to finish this race and stopped literally 10 times to take pictures and videos. I must say, running by the ocean as the morning fog rolled in over the Golden Gate bridge is probably the greatest thing I've ever done.
...besides giving birth.
But just like that, I was finished and collected my finishers medal from Tiffany & Co.
Other races need to catch on to this trend.
My goal was to finish in under 2 hours, so considering I was still on tourist mode the entire run, I was overall pleased with my time!
The afternoon after the race consisted of much more exploring and a BRUTAL 15 mile bike ride up some stupid hills that had my legs screaming...but it was completely worth it and I think actually helped push some lactic acid out...which was appreciated the next morning.

We biked over to Sausalito, which is an adorable little down just a bike ride over the Golden Gate bridge (...because San Francisco didn't have enough going for it already) and took a ferry ride back to the city which took us right by Alcatraz. Definitely recommend doing this. It was easily my favorite thing we did while we were there.

Then we ended the night with dinner at Fisherman's Wharf, where we ate the kind of fish you only find in your dreams...and in San Francisco.
We have already made a list a things we must do when we return. In love.
Thanks for the memories, San Francisco. You were good to us.


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thankful for Change. And Coffee. Super Thankful for COFFEE.

Hello sweet friends! It's been FOUR MONTHS to date that I have posted here...and I have missed it. There have been so many changes in our lives these past four months I feel like I haven't really gotten a chance to come up for air. But it feels good to be back here, in this space.

Most of you know that my dad passed very suddenly this past May and I'm not sure if I'll every heal completely from it and ever stop missing him. I was telling my husband the other night that trying to heal from losing someone so close to you seems almost impossible, because you desperately want to stop hurting, but at the same time continue to scratch the wound by looking at old pictures and reading old text messages and listening to old voicemails because everything in you is still hanging on. I don't have the answer, but I feel like my sister and my mom and I have had more better days than not lately. Still some very hard days thrown in there that catch you off guard, but mostly good days, which I am so thankful for.

I am also happy to announce that my husband and I are officially the owners of Lebon Chiropractic Health Center! My husband has been building this practice for about 5 years now and we finally took the leap of buying the practice a few months ago. My husband is a rockstar and so unbelievably capable, so watching him live his dream of owning the practice brings me more joy than I can explain. I will eventually be teaming with him and taking up a few office manager duties in the coming months, which I am very excited about. We are buds, so having a family business together is the biggest blessing.

Having said that, I decided to leave my corporate job about a month ago in order to be available to the needs of the practice, but to also pursue my own (long time coming!) personal dream of being a barre instructor with Pure Barre! I started taking barre classes about 5 years ago and it changed me. I fell in love immediately and always wanted to pursue being an instructor, but the timing was never really right. Then when our studio decided to open up a second location and hire more instructors, I was already thinking about transitioning out of my corporate job and thought, why not?! It was a HUGE change and a little scary at first, but once I took the leap I never looked back. Of course I immediately missed seeing my old coworkers every week, but from a work perspective it felt to natural and right.

The funny thing about change is that 99% of the time it's the scariest in your head. Then you do it and you kick yourself for waiting so long and being scared in the first place.

A huge desire of mine was also to be with my daughter more, and even though I was only working part time, being away from her was still too much for this momma to handle. She is my heartbeat and more imporant to me than all the money, titles, and corporate regonition in the world. When she looks back at her childhood, I want her to remember the memories we made together, not all the things that I bought her. Time with her is everything and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to still do something that I love but still be her momma first.

Now, of course with all good things comes hard work, and this change has not come without blood, LOTS of sweat, and a few tears.
Well, only blood because we trained in Colorado and the altitude sent my nose into a bleeding tailspin. Gross.
Anyway, I had NO IDEA how hard and how much went into becoming a Pure Barre instructor and have a whole new appreciation for my instructors. Our studio sent us to Denver to train for 5 days with the corporate team, then we returned home to continue training at our respective sutdios. I have put more hours into training for this than any other job, and have loved every single second of it. I am now a firm believer in "choose a job you love, and you'll never work a day in your life".

I could not be more thankful for coffee, too...holy smokes.

Between traveling, job changes, putting our house on the market, taking our house off the market, maintaining the house, and running around after a 15 month old, I have said more prayers and drank more coffee than ever before. So very thankful for coffee.

Happy Thursday, beautiful people. So many things are going on in this world that are HARD, so be bold, have faith, pray hard, and love others. Because life sometimes breaks your heart, and sometimes people can be really cruel.
Love them, anyway.
Be the good that this world so desperately needs.

I will be posting more than every four months, so stay with me! We are paddling out of the "my child only eats these things so therefore collectively as a family we only eat these things" stage, so you will definitely be seeing more recipes on here in the coming weeks.
You are loved!


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wounded by the Whys

Hi friends.
Apart from posting my monthly "Letter To Our Little", I haven't posted on here in a while. Honestly, talking about anything but my daughter just hasn't really seemed valid or important. I feel like there has been a cloud hovering over me since my dad's passing. A cloud full of fear, doubt, anxiety, frustration, chaos, misunderstanding. A cloud full of all the things that make you question your life. Question your purpose.
A cloud of WHYS.
My dad's accident tore open a giant wound of whys. It has now been over a month since it happened, and I am still struggling with the whys. Why now? Why him? Why would God do this? Doesn't He know that having a present father in my life is all I have ever wanted? Hasn't He heard my prayers? Hasn't he caught my tears as I have cried and prayed that my dad would one day choose me? Choose us?
About 2 years ago, I felt like my dad was finally pursuing me as his daughter. Like he was finally proud of me and enjoyed being with me. Watching him play of the floor of my living room with my baby girl was a dream of mine that I never thought I would have the opportunity to witness, but it was happening! Finally! Almost every week! My heart was FULL.
Then my dad was gone.
No more daddy hugs. No more daddy kisses. No more "Lunch this week, darling?" texts.
I would never again wait on my front porch with Kennedy so she could see her Pawpaw pull up in the drive way for his weekly visit. I would never again feel his scruffy mustache on my cheek as he kissed me. I would never again feel the warmth of his hugs as he held me so tight. Just like that, he was gone.
My mom is one amazing lady and was relentless with us growing up. She worked tirelessly to make sure that we had the best upbringing possible. She was a single mom and had to be both mom and dad all the time. She is probably more loving, caring, and present than some parents combined, and my heart is beyond grateful and blessed by her daily.
But a girl sometimes just needs a daddy...and unfortunately this need never goes away no matter how much of a rockstar your mom may be. It's just natural.
I feel like I am in a season and feeling very frustrated, very angry, and just not totally understanding the God that I serve. I just have so many whys and I am having trouble understanding why God gives us what seems like the desire of our hearts, only to rip it out from our eager, anticipating grips.
Then I remember that we serve a God that does not promise understanding, but does promise to be faithful and to never give us more than we can handle.
I feel like I am pretty good at slapping a smile on my face and talking in a really nice, high pitched voice when in reality I am crumbling inside.
Talking about cupcakes when all I can think about is why God allows babies to be born, only to take them back hours, days, or months later.
Writing about cinnamon rolls when I am all but consumed by thoughts and prayers for my sister in law who is locked in from a stroke and can no longer play with or hold or talk to her 3 precious babies.
Laughing with friends about scenes in Pitch Perfect 2 when all I can think about is maybe, just MAYBE, if the driver that hit my dad was paying a little bit more attention to the road, my dad would still be here.
I have learned that these whys can become wounds, and Satan used these whys to make you question your faith, your purpose, our King and his much much much bigger plan.
A plan that my very small, selfish mind can't seem to understand sometimes.
Let us not be wounded by the whys. Let us be brave and fierce in our love for others.
Happy Wednesday, sweet friends. You are loved.


Monday, June 8, 2015

A Letter to Our Little: One Year Ago Today...

To my precious Kennedy Harper Steck,

One year ago today, in about one hour exactly, our lives changed forever.

After a long, and a little scary 3 days of labor, you finally made your beautiful debut.

You made me a momma.

With each month, I learned more about you and you learned more about me.

We had our days when I wasn't understanding you and you weren't understanding me. 

Those days were hard, no doubt. 

But I quickly realized that the hardest day with you was still a million times better than any day before you.

With each day that passed, you became more confident, more girly, a little more sassy, and 100% Kennedy.

The day I had you, I realized that my life from that moment on would be consumed by you in the very best way possible.

I would pray relentlessly for you. I would weep over you because my love for you was so deep and all-consuming.  I would want to protect you and fight for you no matter what the cost.

I would give countless kisses to someone I had just met...yet seemed like I knew forever.

I would watch you look more like your Dada, but then a little more like me, and be reminded that you are 100% us.

You are what we dreamed of and prayed for for 5 years, and for a while we weren't sure if we would ever have the blessing of you in our lives.

But the Lord was faithful, and His timing was perfect.

Even on my darkest, coldest days, you are light...and warmth...and beauty.

The magenta line across my tummy is a daily reminder of our story, and I wouldn't change it for the world.

 You are my precious daughter, and I am honored to be your momma.

Happy 1 year, my princess. Your momma and dada love you more than you will ever understand. 

Life with you is GOOD.

1 Samuel 1:27-28

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