Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Death By Spinning and Swiss Cake Rolls

Remember Swiss Cake Rolls?

The little cake roll ups that kids would trade their brand new Trapper Keeper for when you were in grade school? 

The treats that are made with the exact same ingredients as every other pre-packaged cake item but taste SO MUCH BETTER just by being in roll form?

Yeah, you remember those.

I haven't had one of these bad (so bad) boys since high school, but their lovely memory came flooding back when I came across these Brownie Roll Ups on Cookies & Cups!

I think a quick dip in chocolate (or white chocolate??) candy coating or ganache and we would

Another must-make.

 Ok, now let's counteract those cake rolls and talk about spinning.


The last time (and only other time) I was in a spin class was 2 years ago. I was with my sister and hated it so much that after 20 minutes, I walked out. 

Just right out the front door! In the middle of class!

I hated it SO much.

There are 6 situations in my life when you can expect me to drop the f-bomb:
  1. Slamming my finger in the car door.
  2. Stumping my toe (like...some stitch-worthy stumping).
  3. Slamming my finger in the car door then stumping my toe on the pavement (this has happened).
  4. Mile 22.
  5. When the line is out the door and around the corner at Sprinkles (who am I kidding, I'll wait).
  6. During spin class.
Well, tonight I attended class with a friend of mine and you know what? 

I HATED it. 

But I really loved it too :) It was still a huge challenge for me while I sweated buckets, but I think I have learned to overcome my dislike for certain things (helllooo brussel sprouts) when I know it is benefiting me in the long run. We have growth!

5:30 AM 'Pump tomorrow morning, so I better get some shut eye.


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